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Wake-Up Call

McMinnville Sunrise Rotary Club

July 22nd Issue, 2015

July 22 – President’s Pal – Joe Stewart – Program: Mid Valley Rehab, Director – Programmer: John Martinez

July 29 – President’s Pal – Larry Strober – Program: Willamette Valley Neurology, Dr. James – Programmer: John Martinez

Aug 5 – President’s Pal – Tom Vail – Program: End Sex Trafficking Task Force, Dana Clark, East Portland Rotary – Programmer: Kellie Menke

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot attend on the day you are slated to be President’s Pal, please arrange to have a substitute assigned to this important duty! Also note – You are responsible for both set-up and take-down of the room…make sure to arrive early (6:30 am) and be prepared to stay late to do the job properly.

MEETING NOTES FOR July 15, 2015:

Meeting was called to order by President Kellie and she introduced Janet Sasaki as Presidents Pal. Janet reported she paid to exercise in the Dundee Hills Half Marathon. She also informed the club this is the 50th anniversary of vineyards in Yamhill County, all beginning with David Lett in 1965. By 1970 there were only 5 wineries in the Willamette Valley compared to 440 in 2015. The International Pinot Noir Celebration started in 1987. We all recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

GUESTS: Robert Bay, Kathleen Bernards (CPA), Mario Lopez (Wells Fargo), and Beverly Knutz (J&W Carstar)(Denise’s long time friend)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Kathy Bernards announced there will be a Linfield Music Department Benefit Concert at Youngberg Hill Winery on Thursday, August 13. Tickets are $25 each, Listen to great music in an outdoor venue, bring a chair, picnic, and you can purchase your wine at the event. You will enjoy it. •  Larry has a sign up sheet to work the Farmers Market on August 6 and 13 to sell Wine Raffle Tickets and MSFF tickets. He would like two people per shift. The Bocce Ball tournament has about $4,000 in sponsorships and we can increase that by $4,000 if we sell all the wine raffle tickets. He still needs a food cart for the event and let him know if you know anyone. Larry also had the pleasure of talking with Governor Kate Brown about Bocce Ball and she may show up to play (if not this year, then next year for sure). • Brad asked for volunteers for the Soup Kitchen next week. Volunteers included: Dean, Dawn, Mark P, Bill and Jeff S. • Kellie announced there is a Board meeting at her house on July 30th at 7 am and there will be a Foundation meeting on July 29th at 6:15 pm with location to be determined (It is rumored that it will be at Walt‘s house and he will be serving a 5 course dinner and big-pours of his favorite wines-don’t miss it).

CLASSIFIED AD:  Wanted – Local non-profit seeks note-taker/newsletter writer.  Full or Part-Time.  Position is responsible to take notes at a weekly meeting and write up a brief summary of the activity at the meeting.  Pay is based on a profit sharing system.  50% of all profits from the publication will be paid to the author of record each week.  Writing skills not required.  This is a “learn-while-you-earn” position.  Send Questions and Applications to tom@cart-away.com

HAPPY DOLLARS/FINES: Denise zeroed in on John Martinez who was celebrating his birthday today – but John was prepared with a check in hand at the conclusion of a rousing (off-key, maybe, but “rousing?”) singing of “Happy Birthday to you…”.  Bill’s house is in escrow and his last meeting will be August 12 then he will be moving to “God’s waiting room” aka Arizona. Joe thought Bill ought to pay a big fine for his 2 page article on tattoos in the News Register. Denise was only able to squeeze another dollar out of Bill. She must not have had enough coffee today. Dean is proud of Brad for making a 1 day Seattle to Portland ride on his bike (now that would be a nasty case of “bike butt”). Brad commented that at the end of the ride he was so tired, he could not even drink a “free beer”. Dean also got a call from his grandkids who are coming out to visit from Virginia….and may live with them for a while. Dawn had a revelation today as she arrived early to set up for her program “The food here is very good…when it is warm”. Jeff M celebrated his birthday yesterday. Larry is happy that he and Glenda are moving to McMinnville. Jerry reported he is happy his hearing aids died as he could not hear Denise (however when his number was drawn for a prize winner at the end of the program, his hearing seemed to be perfectly fine.  Go figure).

July 15  Program: African Safari, Dawn Witt and Beverly Knutz– Programmer: John Martinez

This was an entertaining program with excellent pictures and stories of Dawn’s trip to South Africa and reported in a manner that was totally fitting for Dawn. Dawn’s adventure to South Africa began the last weekend of April and she shared her adventure with Beverly Knutz and Dawn’s sister and her sister’s husband. They went to Johannesburg, Richards Bay, HluHluwe game Reserve, and Durban. Dawn started us off with pictures which were obviously from a female point of view. At nearly every location, we saw pictures of the hotel bedroom and bathroom accommodations – just to show the accommodations were quite modern and she reported the rooms were very clean, only finding a bug in one bathroom. There was mosquito netting over the bed in one location, which they used, just in case.

On to the safari… At Richards Bay, they were told to get back to the hotel by 6 pm because the monkeys come. Dawn was not sure if they were coming in on a truck but was happy to see they were wild and made it to the hotel in search of food, without transportation. She also bought a handmade carving of a giraffe after working the guy down on the price. On to the Zulu Nyala Game Reserve – where there was lodging outside the reserve in either tents or a hotel, then there was a more expensive hotel inside the resort. This is where the bug was found in the bathroom. She also had pictures of zebras just outside their hotel room. There were pictures of multiples bird nests in a tree – where a male bird will construct 6 to 7 nests then the female gets to pick the one she likes the best. We learned how to tell a male giraffe from a female giraffe. I thought it would be pretty obvious but Dawn reported you have to look at the horns on the top of the head. The wider horns with a blunt top are the males.

They went to an elephant interaction reserve and met an elephant named “Rambo” up close and personal. They were even able to hand feed the elephant and came back with all their fingers. There were pictures of poisonous cactus trees, impalas, kudu, a herd of rhinos , an African lynx, and a cheetah (editor’s note – It is technically a “crash” of Rhinos, not a herd.  Impalas and other antelopes are in herds, but, the Kudu is a solitary animal not known for herding.  A group of Cheetahs is a coalition and groups of lynx are called a chain – clever, huh?  Just thought you’ld like to know – ed.). She reported there was also a beer processing hut, but there was not of picture of it (she mumbled something about her camera not being beer-proof  – ed.). They also travelled to Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side. The pictures were amazing. She finished up with a picture of a “Dung Beetle” which collects dung and eats it. They turn into super beetles and can move 10 times their weight. At the end she had a drawing and gave away two items she had purchased in South Africa.

Chain of Lynx

Chain of Lynx

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine” ~ Morris West


8-6 and 8-13 Booth at Farmer’s Market to sell Raffle Tickets and recruit members.

8-9 Rotary Night at the Salem Volcanoes ballpark

8-30 Bocce Ball Tournament at Cana’s Feast

10-3 McMinnville Short Film Festival

NOTE: If you want to stay current with future programs and President’s Pals, please click on the link below to get the latest information.


NOTE: The Sunshine committee is the responsibility of the Club Service Committee so if you know of a need, Contact Jill.

SOME NEARBY ROTARY CLUBS WHERE YOU CAN MAKE UP A MISSED MEETING:Monday – West Salem, noon, Roth’s Salem West. Tuesday – South Salem, noon at Rudy’s. Salem Sunset, 5:50 p.m. at La Margarita Express. Forest Grove Daybreak 7:00 am at the Forest Grove Senior Center Wednesday – McMinnville, Noon at the Grand Ballroom on Third, Forest Grove at 12:10 at Univ. Commons, Pacific Univ., Newberg at 12:00 at the Cap and Gown Room at Geo. Fox Univ.. Sheridan, noon, at the Green Frog Restaurant, Gresham at noon at 4th Street Brewing Company 77 NE 4th St. Thursday – Keizer , 12:00 noon at McNary Golf Restaurant, Newberg Early Birds, 7:00 a.m. at Providence Newberg Hospital Friday – Salem Creekside at 12:15, at Creekside Golf Club 24/7 – eMake-up available at many eClubs – see Tom for more information.

CLUB Board 2015/2016

President——— Kellie Menke (2015/2016)

Past President—-Walt Haight (2014/2015)

President Elect— Larry Strober (2015/16)

Vice President— —————- (2016/17)

Treasurer—Susan Escure

Secretary—Marie Gwilliam



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